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  • How can Tachibana Enterprises offer such good deals?
  1. Large Block of prime tee-time available!

    With 43 years of experience working with golf courses on Oahu, we are able to negotiate and receiver so called prime tee-time during the day. The prime tee-time is held between hours of 8 to 10 in the morning.

  2. Prime tee-time means there is more time available

    to enjoy additional activities during same making your Hawaiian vacation more efficient.

  3. Booking tee-time with Tachibana Enterprises LLC is much more economical than directly with golf courses as indicated below.

    Golf courseGolf Course
    Visitor Price
    Tachibana Tee Time Reservation Price
    Coral Creek Golf Course:$140$105
    Waikele Country Club:$170$120
  4. Purchasing Tachibana Enterprises LLC golf package tour is even economical than arranging own transportation such as taxi as comparison.

    Blow indicates an example of playing at Waikele Country Club.

    Going by Taxi

    Taxi fare

    (approx., round trip and gratuity)
    Golf course visitor price

    Tachibana's tour w/transportation package


    Our driver assists with check in at the golf course and loading and unloading of golf clubs.

  5. *Prices are current as of June 28, 2017. (Taxi fare depends on traffic situation.)