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Please be sure to read the following Terms and Conditions for your golf and optional tours bookings and gift basket orders made through the Tachibana Enterprises website. You hereby agree to the following terms and conditions set forth once the booking or order is sent over the internet and Tachibana Enterprises has received it for processing.

  • Terms and Conditions

    The Terms and Conditions below applies to all users of Tachibana Enterprises’Booking Request and Order Forms (hereinafter “the form”) which includes Internet bookings for Golf and Optional Tours as well as the Internet orders for our Gift Baskets. Be sure to read the following Terms and Conditions. Upon our receiving the Order Forms, we will assume that you have already read and hereby agree to our Terms and Conditions set forth.

    Article 1 - General Terms

    1.Upon use of the form on this site, you agree to abide by the basic rules and etiquette of the Internet.
    2.You agree not to use our the form for commercial purposes.

    Article 2 - Steps Taken When The Terms and Conditions Are Not Met

    Tachibana Enterprises reserves the right to refuse service and use of the form when it's determined that it would cause damage to Tachibana Enterprises or cause loss or damage to third parties involved when the terms and conditions set forth are not met.

    Article 3 - Liability Disclaimer

    Tachibana Enterprises will not be liable if the form are not received or printed properly due to technical difficulties with your printer, server issues with your E-mail account or any computer problems you may have.

    Article 4 - Use of the form

    The form on this site is only for those who agree to the terms and conditions of Tachibana Enterprises. Use of the Reservation and Order Forms means that you agree to comply with all the terms and conditions set forth.

    Article 5 - Services Provided

    Services provided by Tachibana Enterprises are contracted third-party services, including their products, transportation, other tour reservations, information regarding the above, and tours sponsored by Tachibana Enterprises, as well as Gift Basket orders and delivery. This contract between you and Tachibana Enterprises is governed by Hawaii State Law.

    Article 6 - User Agreement Notes

    1.Please be sure to read and abide by the notes set out on the ‘About Booking Request’ page while booking your request on the form.
    2.The booking process will start once the booking form is received at Tachibana Enterprises. Booking on our website does not necessarily guarantee better chances of getting tee times compared with other tour companies, golf booking sites, or optional tour companies (you may be unable to book your tour because reservations may be full due to other tour, golf, and optional tour agencies).

    3.All information sent through our online booking form is protected through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

    Article 7 - User Requirements

    The following list is what is required of the user.
    1.Working E-mail Address
    2.Credit Card usable in Hawaii (U.S.)
    3.Computer that has Internet access and working printer

    Article 8 - Contact Method

    All methods of contact for reservation changes, cancelations of the Golf and Optional Tours Reservations and other inquiries to Tachibana Enterprises will be by E-mail or Fax only. All other forms of contact to Tachibana Enterprises for reservation changes, cancelations and inquiries are not accepted. Tachibana Enterprises will handle communications with the third party service providers immediately and will E-mail or Fax to the customer as needed. Changes, cancelation and/or inquiries of the Gift Basket order will be by E-mail, Telephone or Fax.

    Article 9 - Payment

    You are responsible for your credit card exchange fee.

    Article 10 - Cancellation

    1.We will charge you a cancellation fee according to each tour and gift basket if you cancel your reservation due to fault on your part or your being late.
    2.100% refunds will be applied to the credit card used for the payment. In cases where the exchange rate is different at the time of cancellation from the time of payment, Tachibana Enterprises will refund according to the exchange rate of the day of cancellation.

    Article 11 - User Responsibility

    1.To make use of the Reservation and Order Forms, the user is responsible for their E-mail account, credit card number and any actions taken during the reservation process. The user will be held responsible for any damage to third parties involved caused by use of the form.
    2.Tachibana Enterprises will hold the user responsible for any damages to Tachibana Enterprises and will claim compensation from the user for the following:
    a.The user does not follow the Terms and conditions of Tachibana Enterprises and the Rules and Regulations for the Tours.
    b.The user uploads, sends or transmits a computer virus or harmful software or program to Tachibana Enterprises.
    c.The user impersonates another person and uses their personal information without permission.
    d.The user makes use of Tachibana Enterprises for other than stated use.
    e.The user violates the law of the U.S. (Hawaii) or other countries.
    f.Tachibana Enterprises discerns that the user takes an inappropriate action.

    Article 12 - Use of The Form

    1.Please be sure to fill out all required personal information fields on the form.
    2.If the form is not filled out properly, your request will not be processed.

    Article 13 - Changes to the Form or Terms and Conditions

    Tachibana Enterprises reserves the right to make changes to the form or the terms and conditions without notifying the user. Please be sure to read through the terms and conditions before every reservation you place. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be put into effect immediately and will be applied to all reservations.

    Article 14 - Business Interruption

    Tachibana Enterprises can interrupt the reservations process without prior notice or consent of the user for the following reasons:
    1.Maintenance or updates to the form.
    2.Natural disaster, state of emergency or threat of that prevents Tachibana Enterprises from conducting business.
    3.Other reasons that prevents the Tachibana Enterprises website from conducting business as usual or processing the form.

    Article 15 - Effective Date

    This terms and conditions are effective as of June 1, 2000 (Japan (Tokyo) Standard Time).
    2014/5/1 revised