• Q1. Why is golf so popular in Hawaii?

    I am presently looking at golf courses overseas including Hawaii, but why is golfing in Hawaii so popular? What makes them different from the other resorts?

    With its natural beauty including the breathtaking vistas of the blue ocean, beautiful tropical flora, and wide open spaces, Hawaii is perfect for golfing. The weather on the islands is ideal all year round for golfers. The courses are designed in harmony with the surrounding nature. Golf carts are allowed onto the fairways making for smooth plays that do not require physical exertion. All these things make Hawaii ideal for golfing.

  • Q2. What is the clubhouse dress code?

    Is there a dress code for Hawaii’s golf clubhouses?

    Golf clubhouses do not require outer jackets as part of the dress code. Casual clothing, such as T-shirts and bermuda shorts are allowed.

  • Q3. What is the dress code on the golf course?

    Is it all right to wear T-shirts on the resort golf courses?

    Golf clubhouses do not require a dress code, but a dress code is required when actually playing golf. Proper golf attire, such as collared shirts (or golf turtleneck shirts) are required and no T-shirts are allowed. Bermuda shorts are allowed, but high socks with the short pants are not required.

  • Q4.About the dress code

    Are there other requirements in the dress code?

    Hawaii does not have high humidity, however the sun is strong so we do recommend hats. Sunglasses are also recommended. The Koolau and Royal Hawaiian courses occasionally have mosquitoes so you may want to wear long pants if golfing there.

  • Q5.Sunburn prevention

    Do you have any recommendations to prevent sunburn while playing golf in the tropics?

    Even though the sun does not feel strong, the UV is still present and fairly strong. Even on a cloudy day, you may still get sunburned. For those who easily burn, we would recommend wearing long pants. If you wear bermuda shorts, you can easily burn the back of your knees and calves. As stated previously, hats and sunglasses are recommended as well as sunblock.

  • Q6.Playing golf in Hawaii

    Please tell me more about playing golf in Hawaii.

    First of all, all courses in Hawaii are played straight through without a halfway break. Also, no caddies are provided and so it is considered “self play.” Golf carts are provided and are up to two passengers (two players) only.

  • Q7.Where can I eat and drink?

    Since there doesn't seem to be a rest time halfway through, where do I get food and drinks?

    Yes indeed, golf in Hawaii is played without any breaks so you can only eat and drink during or after playing. Most courses have snack carts and so you will be able to buy something to eat and drink while playing . For the courses that do not have snack carts, there will be snack shops where you can make your purchase. Both the snack carts and shops are cash only. Some courses have water coolers available for free. If you are on a package tour, you will go directly back to your hotel after playing and so there will be no time to eat after your round of golf.

    Snack Shop Water Cooler
    Snack Shop Water Cooler
  • Q8.About the golf carts

    I’ve never driven a golf cart, and so please explain how to drive one.

    There are two different kinds of carts that are run either by electricity or gasoline, and are driven the same. Each golf cart accommodates up to two passengers, and you will be provided with more golf carts if having three or four players. Proper driver’s license is required to drive the golf cart. Please remember to drive on the right side of the path when passing other golf carts and be careful of foreign drivers who are familiar with driving on the left side of the road. There are two pedals for the accelerator and the brakes. When stopping or parking the golf cart, be sure to put on the parking brake as there are many slopes. Always have the brake on when parking and leaving the golf cart. The parking brake is usually engaged when you press down all the way on the brakes. If you do not put the brakes on, the unattended golf cart can roll forward on its own. To drive the cart, turn the lever to the left or right to move forward or reverse. If you forget that it is in reverse and press down on the accelerator to move forward, you may hit people behind you and cause an accident, so please be careful. Do not forget your belongings in the golf cart when leaving. All courses allow the golf carts on the fairways, but there are times due to weather, scheduling, or other reasons when it will not be allowed.

    Golf Cart
  • Q9.About spike shoes

    More golf courses around the world are no longer allowing metal spike shoes. Is it the same in Hawaii?

    There are many golf courses that do not allow metal spike shoes and so please check the shoes policy for the individual courses. If you are bringing your own golf shoes, be sure to bring soft spike shoes. Sneakers are also allowed on the golf courses in Hawaii. Tachibana Enterprises also provides golf shoes rentals in all size if you do not have shoes of your own.

  • Q10.Can just one player play?

    I am traveling to Hawaii with my family. I want to golf one day by myself while my wife and children go shopping, is this possible?

    When booking for one player, you will be teamed up with other two or three players bookings. If there are no other two or three players bookings, you may not be able to make a booking for yourself. The closer you are to the day of golfing, the more you are likely to be able to get a booking on a golf course of your choosing. Another way to book would be to call Tachibana Enterprises after arriving in Hawaii.

  • Q11.About riders (onlookers)

    My wife and I are hoping to golf together, but our children have never played and so is it possible for them to come along as Riders (onlookers)?

    In Hawaii, they allow people onto the course even though they may not be golfing. These people who look on, drive the cart, or ride along on the cart are called Riders. However, Riders have to be equal to or less than the number of golfers. If two parents are playing golf, then they can bring up to two children as Riders. However, there are age restrictions and so please check with the individual golf courses as to their policy if you have children coming along. Riders cost $70 per person and includes transportation to and from the hotel.

  • Q12.About two players (twosomes)

    We are on our honeymoon in Hawaii. Since this is our special time together, is it possible to play golf with just the two of us?

    The golf courses in Hawaii are designed to accommodate up to four players per team so that the maximum number of people can play. Even if you place a booking for just the two of you, you could be teamed up with another booking for two players. If you want to have just a two player booking, then you will need to pay for four players. Makaha Valley Country Club is the only course that allows twosome plays. Ewa Beach Golf Club and Makaha Resort Golf Club also allows twosome plays during certain times in the year. In the slow season, twosome or threesome plays are allowed. This is not a sure thing and so please do not plan on it.

  • Q13.Playing upon arrival in Hawaii

    I want to make the most of my time in Hawaii as this is a special trip. My plane arrives around 9am and so is it possible to play golf on that day?

    The golf courses that allow afternoon plays are Ewa Beach Golf Club, Coral Creek Golf Course and Ko Olina Golf Club. All of them requires up to three players. If going directly from the airport, you will need to rent your own exclusive transportation through Tachibana Enterprises.

  • Q14.Renting golf clubs

    A group of 20 are looking forward to playing golf in Hawaii. We will all need to rent golf clubs, so do you have enough on hand? We also have left-handed players and women players, so do you provide rental golf clubs for them?

    Tachibana Enterprises has enough golf clubs to rent out. We also have women’s and left-hand golf clubs. We occasionally rent out over 100 golf clubs and so if there is a large group of you, please let us know the numbers of golf clubs necessary, whether they be men’s, women’s, right-handed, or left-handed.

  • Q15.Playing golf for the first time in Hawaii

    When I see golf being played in Hawaii on TV, they seem to be playing completely at their own pace. I have never played golf before and so is it all right to take my time playing with my boyfriend teaching me?

    Indeed, Hawaii does not have crowds of people playing around you, especially on the weekdays. However, there will be players on the other 17 holes and so you need to be aware of them as well. Do not be in the way of other players or cause them delay. Please do not play if you have no experience at all.

  • Q16.Beginners

    I have been to driving ranges and have played at a few courses, but am not that good yet. I am looking forward to playing Hawaii, but am I qualified for it?

    If you already have experience playing on golf courses, you are qualified to play in Hawaii even if it is your first time. However, we do not want you have a bad experience in Hawaii and so we recommend you play with a person who has some golf experience at a golf course that is relatively flat and easy for you, such as the Hawaii Kai Golf Course.

    Golf Courses
  • Q17.What should I do on the day of golf?

    I’ve booked my reservation and have received my confirmation. After arriving in Hawaii, what should I expect on my day of golf?

    If you are part of a Package Tour, the pickup times at the hotel and location is on the confirmation slip. Please be sure to be waiting at the designated location at least 5 minutes early. The Tachibana Enterprises coordinator will pick you up and ask for your confirmation slip. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tachibana Enterprises upon your arrival in Hawaii.

  • Q18.How to get to the golf course

    How do I get to the golf course? How do I rent golf clubs?

    The transportation (either a van or mini bus) will come pick you up at your hotel. If you were the first to be picked up, then there may be one or two other stops. After picking up all the people on the package tour, you will then get on the freeway and will be on your way. Before entering the freeway, you will stop by the Tachibana Enterprises office to pick up your golf club rentals. We also sell golf clubs, golf balls, tees and etc. There are also restrooms available. You will then be checked in by the Tachibana Enterprises coordinator upon your arrival at the golf course.

  • Q19.About Tee Time Reservations

    I have made a tee time reservation only. How do I then get to the golf course?

    The tee time reservation includes 1 round green fee, golf cart and taxes, but does not include transportation. You will need to provide your own transportation whether it is by taxi or rental car. Please be sure to have your reservation confirmation slip with you. Be on time so that you do not miss your tee off time as that can be considered a cancellation. We recommend you arrive at least 30 minutes before your tee off time.

  • Q20.Pick up locations for the Package Tours

    Should I be waiting in the hotel lobby as is written in the confirmation slip?

    Most pick up locations for Package Tours will be the lobby of your hotel. However, some hotels do not have pick up locations available in their lobby area, so another pick up location will be designated. For more details, please see the Pick Up Locations page.