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  • Tips to Enjoy Golf in Hawaii

Tachibana Enterprises hopes for players to fully enjoy playing golf in Hawaii. Please read the following information to help you plan your golfing experience!

  1. Golf courses in Hawaii do not use caddies!

    So let us tell you how to ride a golf cart!

    • It is common to ride a golf cart on the course in Hawaii.
    • Golf carts allow you to move much faster than walking.
    • Do not get off the cart to look for a ball!
    • Make sure to stop the cart at the closest location to the ball!
    • Where a "Cart >>" sign is posted, you cannot go any further so please use a cart path.
    • Take all necessary clubs with you when you get off the cart!
  2. Good pace is vital to playing golf!

    Try to finish your round within 4 hours!

    • Pay attention to the party behind of you, especially if you are a beginner!
    • If you notice that the party behind of you is waiting for your party to proceed, let them play first.
    • Keep pace with the party ahead of you!
    • If there is about 200 yards between your party and the party ahead of you, you can hit if your shot distance is short!
    • There is no half round break. Eat snacks on the cart and keep playing.
    • We do not recommend parties with only beginner golf players.
    • If you are a beginner and cannot keep pace with others, consider picking up the ball and continuing with the group instead of completing every hole, especially if there is a group behind you.
  3. Casual golf wear is OK!

    However, crew neck T-shirts are prohibited.

    • Collared shirts and golf turtle neck shirts are OK.
    • If you don't have golf shoes, most golf courses allow sneakers.
  4. If you want to play by yourself

    • Golf is normally played in a foursome.
    • If you are alone, you need to join a party that has a tee time booked.
    • If you make last minute reservations, you may have more options as we will have more information on availability.
    • It is best for you to call us after arriving in Hawaii!
    • Foursome play is the basic arrangement for playing golf.
    • For instance, if you are in a party of 6, the following options are available
      *1 foursome and the other 2 players join another party.
      *2 threesomes with an outside player in each party.